Home Ice Advantage

A collaboration between United Craft Beer x Hockey Helps the Homeless

Brief: Create a can design for a craft beer that will donate 25 cents to HHTH. United Craft had a specific vision of representing hockey and homelessness together.

Concept: Community. When United Craft asked me to create a design but weren't sure how to marry the two vastly different subjects, I thought of how different communities, hockey, schools, workplaces, local, region, Canada as a whole, come together with HHTH to lift each other up and help each other out. Through the imagery, we are figuratively and also literally, uniting hockey and homelessness together in a positive light through the key theme of community. 

With the colour palette and unique design, we think it will stand out with the cobalt blue top as well as the bright red accents on the shelf. 

United Craft enjoyed the design so much, that we are planning to continue the theme through a series of charity beers. Home Ice Advantage will be available in stores starting late November.

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