Jacqueline Vu

Hey. Hi. Hello!
I'm Jacqueline, or you can call me Jax. 

I am a Toronto-based designer who is a plate of art directing, marketing, and communications with a lil' photography on the side. 

My one passion is to work on impactful designs that help make the world a better place. I love taking your organization's story and branding, and weaving it through every touchpoint, making it a cohesive and great experience.

Aside from kerning type by -1 increments, you can find me yelling passionately at game board cafes, hiking with my dog, or trying out new restaurants in the city.

For more information on my work, get in touch regarding opportunities, or to just argue if pineapple goes on pizza (p.s, it does), don't hesitate to say hello!

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